February 17th, 2007

The Librarian


Just finished watching the much-anticipated Bon Cop, Bad Cop ... that was GOOD!!! A trifle over the top at the end, but other than that ... fantastic chemistry and timing between Patrick Huard and Colm Feore, an intriguing and twisted plot worthy of the best Brit mysteries, hilarious digs at and scores for both Francophones and Anglophones, a delightfully deranged forensic pathologist, and a side-splittingly funny cameo by Rick Mercer as an obnoxious sportscaster (that's him in the intro to the music track I posted yesterday, BTW, asking why the French cop is there). Bonus: resistance to going overboard in stunts and effects ... what happens is capable of happening in RL and that's it (always a big plus in my book ... if you're gonna do the impossible, call it fantasy rather than trying to pass it off as reality).

This is a 2-disk set, so now I'm off to check out the extras!

P.S. The local movie place had about 30 copies apiece of so-called blockbuster-types, hardly any of which were rented out, and only 3 copies of this title ... all out and with a long waiting list. So, being impatient to view and willing to trust D's rating (plus all the VERY good reviews I'd read), I went further down the street and bought the DVD ... having seen it now, I know I would have bought it immediately after viewing a rental copy, so I've saved myself that fee ***GRIN***