February 9th, 2007

The Librarian


It's a mere -12C here right now, but extraordinarily high humidity for this zone (88%!!!!!!) has made the air so damp that it feels even colder than kat1392's 500 below zero (hey, I wore GLOVES today ... THAT's how cold it is!)

Have stockpiled comforting hot choccie, suitable-for-melting cheeses, and apple spice sausages (some maple ones too) from the local butcher shop, and have no intention of stirring outdoors until it either warms up, changes to a proper 0% humidity -30C (if I'm gonna be cold, I want a DRY cold!) or I have to go to work on Monday morning. Just gonna curl up on the couch, alternating between music listening/reading and movie watching/knitting myself a scrawl.
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