February 3rd, 2007

The Librarian

Jumping the queue in the to-read pile

Bitch Lit has lived up to its promise ... it is EXCELLENT!!! "Life and loves of a she-devil"-style EXCELLENT!!! (and I mean the novel or the Julie T. Wallace miniseries, not the Rosanne Barr version). Does what a good anthology should, which is to give you a "damn, it's finished" feeling as you come to the end of each tale, while simultaneously you're anticipating reading the next one. Some of the stories are creepy, some are funny, some have unexpected twists. My personal favourite: "A Fairy's Story", by Misha Herwin ... there's just something about a flower fairy gone bad that tickles my warped little brain (probably why I'm addicted to Pibgorn, come to think on it ...).

WorldCat (a marvelous little tool) only shows it in two libraries, both in the U.K. (one of 'em being the deposit copy in the British Library). Not listed on Amazon.com (yet, anyway), but copies are available to North Americans through Amazon.ca, which DOES ship to the U.S. (and the price is quite low for an import). Or I'll be happy to do the bookloan-by-mail thingy. Just let me re-read that Herwin story a couple more times ...