January 21st, 2007

The Librarian

Just home ...

... from the theatre and seeing Children of Men. hadesgirl already said it best: WOW!!!!!

A very believable portrayal of the variety of ways, both positive, negative, and neutral, that people behave, individually, in groups, and as a culture, when there appears to be no future, no hope, and society condones anybody-who's-not-us-is-not-a-person views. Reminiscent of Quintet (which I DO like ... it's so human) in some respects ... but, of course, very VERY different.

On an odd little sideline, I'd also like to say something about the violence in this movie. As a person who was long-ago turned off of most so-called action films by the let's-do-bigger-and-better-stunts-and-effects competition that has made them less believable than the average Roadrunner & Coyote cartoon, and who has had a fair amount of exposure to how these things work through handling training materials for law enforcement (including an excellent video series showing the reality of guns and explosions versus the Hollywood version), I was impressed. Somebody decided to do it the way it really happens instead of trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records under "blowing things up". It's ugly, it's heartbreaking, it's terrifying, and it enhances the film ... supporting the performances of the actors instead of undermining them or making it seem as though somebody accidently spliced two different movies together (which is my usual impression of these things).

I second hadesgirl: go see it! More than once if possible!

P.S. And now I must acquire and read the P.D. James novel.