January 13th, 2007

The Librarian

The local yarn shop can be a dangerous place ...

Especially when visited with friends, so that we can all encourage each other in our addiction ... :p

Co-ordinated hand-dyed skeins, sold as a set accompanied by two scarf patterns. On the left is Rumple (100% silk), the fuzzy stuff on the right is Angel Hair (70% kid mohair, 30% nylon). They'll be knitted together in a double strand, for a luscious fabric. Scarf kit produced by HandMaiden Fine Yarns (click on the "yarn" link in their menu and scroll sideways to get a close-up of the textures)

Not sure what I'll do with this yet, but it was pretty AND on sale. This combined ribbon/ladder yarn will have to be made into something large and lacy (probably some sort of decorative jackety thing to wear over an evening dress) to show off the colours and metallics ... I'll be keeping an eye out for a suitable/adaptable pattern. This one is Estelle Opulence (instant close-up at this link).

I'm winding the HandMaiden skeins into balls tonight ... a nice mindless occupation for the hands while watching movies. :-)