January 5th, 2007

The Librarian

When bad things result in good ones

Last night I was industriously sewing away on a new dress, noting that my spool of black thread was nearing its end, but figuring that I would just switch over to the backup spool when it ran out (I make a point of having multiple large spools of black and white threads, since those are basic supplies). Unfortunately it turned out that that WAS the backup spool ... at some point in the past I had already switched and not resupplied (BAD ME!). Since the fabric is black and red, was able to finish my seam with red thread, but knew I wanted any visible topstitching to be black, so the evening's plans came to an end after that.

Of course I grumbled a bit about it during coffee break, knowing that I was going to have to make an upstream run against the Friday night rush hour to get a new spool, and was pleasantly surprised to learn from a co-worker that a fabric shop had just opened on the street that joins my workplace to my homeplace (I work at one end and live at the other) and is my daily route to work ... I hadn't noticed because in the morning it's dark outside, the lights aren't on in that mini-mall, and I've got my attention on other vehicles because that's the point at which two lanes merge into one; on the way home I'm trying to get through the one-lane-splits-into-two at the place where people leaving the mall think the parking lot exit counts as a four-way-stop intersection and they're entitled to make a right turn into the left lane even if it means going through the vehicle driving past on the street ... not a place where I want to be gawking at the scenery. So stopped in on the way home (using the unpopular parking lot entrance that actually lets one easily in and out rather than the more popular nightmare one described above). Very nice. Primarily aimed at quilters, so most of the stock is cotton, but they did have some very nice batiked and tie-dyed flannelettes (with lovely clear colours ... the majority of the ones I see tend to be dark/murky/muddy), and a table of tie-dyed velours at the back, plus some other snuggly fabrics suitable for bathrobes and the like. Excellent stocks of threads and notions (yes, I got TWO large spools of Mettler's finest silk-finished black), and a whole spinner of hand-dyed shell buttons. Upon which I FINALLY found something I've been looking for for years ... buttons of the perfect shade to match the dark mauve, oversized linen shirt that I purchased in a secondhand store back in Lethbridge and which has been languishing unworn all this time because it was missing some of its shell buttons (I had removed the remaining ones and put them on completely buttonless secondhand shirt that they were a perfect match to and the right number for ... the buttons purchased tonight are actually a better match for the linen than the originals). And then I wandered past the magazine rack and discovered (and bought) the latest issue of Australian Stitches, plus a back issue that fills a gap in my collection of that title.

I feel so accomplished and I haven't even unpacked my shopping loot yet! :p

UPDATE: anotheranon ALERT! Just started flipping through the new Australian Stitches (vol. 14, no. 6) and it contains part one of a article, with bibliography and drawings that show off garment construction more clearly than photos, on Madeleine Vionnet! (looks to be the first instalment of a brand new regular feature titled "Fashion Legends")
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The Librarian

A further good thing

The new issue of Australian Stitches that I bought has a picture spread on the 2006 Australian Wood Fashion Awards ... I just checked the TAWFA site and yes, the picture gallery of the 2006 entries and winners is up (when I wandered into the site last month the gallery section had disappeared and even the link was AWOL ... guess I must have hit the time they were doing updating or something). Sadly though, the gallery archives of the previous years are gone ... presumably due to space limitations.

P.S. Photo #3 is evidence that even the thin can look really bad in low-slung lowerwear. :p
The Librarian

Note to self:

A person whose astigmatism, when she's a little tired, features the amusing side effect of the colour red seeming to "float" a millimetre or two above any strongly contrasting colour should NOT purchase densely patterned red and black fabric. Ever ever EVER again!
The Librarian

Nearly done (and definitely done for tonight)

Amazing how something can look so sad and shapeless on the hanger and so good on the body when tried on. Three dimensions make all the difference ... the combination of stretchy fabric and shaping in the side and back seams mean a very nice, smooth curve-hugging fit. Still have to hem the skirt and attach the ruffles to the sleeves, but those are both things I'd rather do tomorrow morning when I'm more or less alert. :p Colour on the close-up of the fabric pattern is WAY off ... it's deep black and crayon red (not dark gray and cherry, as the flash made it appear). Pattern is Simplicity 4948 (purchased last year and presumably now out of print as it's no longer listed on their website).
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