November 26th, 2006

The Librarian

Have just finished ...

... watching the Black Books season 2 DVD ... Bernard, Manny and Fran are even MORE deranged than they were in the first season!!!!! There's yoga, chicken-stripping, and an infestation of small furry things with beaks ... and an extra mini-episode called "Black Dolls", featuring performed-so-badly-they're-good puppet versions of the cast.

Be prepared for insane laughter ... your own and Bernard's ... and hurry up with season 3! XD

Also viewed the Jonathan Creek season 1 DVD over Friday evening and Saturday morning and now am triply glad I bought it. I'd taped the original PBS broadcast of seasons 1 and 2 years ago and, although I was aware that a scene where Maddy grabbed and passionately kissed Jonathan in order to get rid of a blind date gone bad had been excised from one episode for some unknown reason, that was the only cut I'd heard about. Holy cow ... entire subplots had been surgically removed!!!!! Wasn't a hack'n'slash job ... they did a very nice job of covering up, since there were no visible gaps in the stories, but WHY????!!!!! Might have been timing ... I have a sneaking feeling that these uncut eps run a little over an hour, but I'll check on that next time I play the disk (I'd far rather discover it was that than that somebody decided the American public couldn't deal with a storyline about an elderly elephant cast member dying of a coronary in the theatre two hours before the premiere performance of a new magic show).

Anyhooooo ... if you've never seen Mr. Creek apply his lateral thinking to locked room murders and other crime-related chaos, definitely put this on your must-see list ... crime + comedy + magic + sarky romance has never been so good!

EDIT: The first "1 hour" episode is 59 minutes. 'tis possible that the episodes were shortened for the American market to allow for commercials, but ended up being bought and broadcast by the one commercial-free one.