November 9th, 2006

The Librarian

How ...

... did we ever survive before the Internet? Or, at least, how did we ever track down the cool music? (answer: we didn't ... there was always that intriguing snatch that you heard once, and never could get an I.D. on). When I started my car to drive home from work yesterday, a piece of music was playing on the radio that I can only describe as Spanish yodeling. Seriously. And it was WONDERFUL. But, while the CKUA DJs are normally quite good about identifying tracks both before and after playing, I hit one of the rare times when a new track started up after this one finished with no human voice in between. Couldn't sit in the car listening and waiting for info due to the temperature and falling snow ... car would have warmed up too much and totally ice-covered this morning ... NOT a pleasant prospect.

But thanks to the amazing CKUA volunteers who knock themselves out to get the playlists online within 24 hours, tonight I was able to figure out what I had been listening to ... a piece called "Chan Chan" from the Gipsy Kings' Panjero CD. And so now it's on my music shopping list, which means the Gipsy Kings make another sale and are encouraged to compose and record more amazing sounds. Benefits all 'round.

I do LOVE living in an electronic information age. :-)
The Librarian

hadesgirl knows why ...

I'm a Common Toad!

The largest toad found commonly in Europe, the Bufo Bufo species can grow up to 20cm in length with a rotund body. Active mostly at night, this toad will walk about slowly, sometimes making short jumps, in search of insects, worms and other invertebrates. This makes it of great help to farmers. At the end of autumn it buries itself in the soil where it remains until good weather arrives again.

What kind of Frog are you?