October 18th, 2006

The Librarian


Now THIS is library service!: Ms. Dewey. There are different intros and different reactions to questions and to keeping her waiting by not asking anything, so irritating Ms. Dewey by refreshing the site or by ignoring her completely can be quite entertaining (I LOVE her bit with the big knife ... wish I'd had one of those when I was doing reference shifts).

On the health front ... fever pretty much faded away mid-evening yesterday, but is back this morning in a milder form. Sinuses in limbo ... I no longer have the "filling" sensation, but they're not quite right either. More gallons of liquids in my immediate future ...

P.S. This is how you can tell an individual is not accustomed to illness ... it's such a novelty that they ramble on and on about it ... ;-)
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