October 17th, 2006

The Librarian

Home from work ...

... early today. Last night, before that marvelous dinner, I had a bit of scratchy tickle, not in my throat but at the back of the roof of my mouth and a slightly heated feeling in the skin under my eyes. Usually just means that I'm overtired (and I KNOW I'm that) and need to eat. Thought nothing more of it when both symptoms disappeared with the combination of relaxation and dinner at the restaurant last night, but they were back this morning and joined mid-morning by a fever. Not one of my usual convenient mini-fevers, which builds and breaks in less than 30 minutes (one of the joys of having a cast-iron immune system) ... this one's hanging on and I can feel the very rearmost of my sinuses filling. By lunchtime my ability to think properly was gone, so packed up and headed apartmentwards with plans to spend the afternoon drinking tomato soup with tabasco sauce in it and thinking drainage thoughts at my respiratory system. I've got some new (to me) Farscape episodes to watch, plus D-at-work loaned me the first four episodes of Life on Mars this morning, so I can keep my poor little brain distracted from its current chasing-the-invisible-butterflies state.

My staff made threatening noises about the prospect of me coming in tomorrow if I wasn't 200%, so shall just have to see how it goes (they ARE right ... we're swamped at work, but if I'm screwing stuff up then I'll just be making the situation worse rather than helping). :p
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