October 4th, 2006

The Librarian

Hmmmmm ...

With yet another heap of Cataloguer's Desktop notes sitting in front of me, I'm pondering a change. Because there are people in my life who are aware that I do some sort of online booklist, but who I don't necessarily want reading the rest of my LJ, the notion of opening up a second LJ just for the books has been crossing my mind more and more lately. Not only my own privacy protected, but that of my buddies as well, since I won't make any connections or links between the booklist and my own LJ (although there will be a link from my LJ to the booklist for the convenience of those who already know too much ... ***GRIN***)

I'll also backtrack and move all the previous Cataloguer's Desktops over to the new location, using LJ's backdating feature to keep 'em all in the original order ... one-stop shopping for all your literary temptations! ;-)
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The Librarian

To think ...

... is to act ... catdesk will be the new home of The Cataloguer's Desktop. Needs some serious interior decorating (LJ basic is darned ugly), but I figure creating it now will ensure that I feel an obligation to do some work on the thing. :p

Now ... off to find an appropriate user pic ...

The Cataloguer's Desktop

Okay, let's try this out. I've posted a new booklist at catdesk ... c'mon over and have a look!

Further privacy protection made simple ... just post any comments on The Cataloguer's Desktop as replies to this (and future) announcements rather than in the Desktop LJ. :-)