September 22nd, 2006

The Librarian


The premiere of The Cheater's Guide to Cataloguing garnered me excellent reviews from the attendees ... I had a full class and was told that they had to turn down one person because of that (I'm already booked to teach it again in November).

C. (the founder/owner of Inet-Toolbox) said she could tell it was a hit from all the laughter filtering through to her office within the first ten minutes; I knew it was a winner when nobody in the class had ever heard of/seen the very first website being shown: The Cataloguer's Toolbox. That one is THE site ... people who don't know it don't know any cheats at all. So I spent three hours enjoying the sight of wide eyes and dropped jaws, much note-taking, and seven people who practically had to be chased out of the room to take a break halfway through; instead they were glued to their computers, playing with and exploring the sites (and I'm betting at least half of them WILL be back in Library of Congress this weekend, playing the subject heading game in an attempt to find the path from "sports" to "roosters"). Most MOST gratifying.

The only downside was being in a far quadrant of the city from home (Inet is in the NE, I live in the SE), right when Friday rush hour was beginning. But I managed to even insert a bright spot into that ... on the principle that no matter which route I took home it was gonna be nasty and take an hour or more, I took the Trans-Canada Highway over the the NW and Edelveiss Imports and scored two tins of Ghirardelli ... chocolate mocha flavour (plus some aged gouda and some spaetzle ... YUM!)

And, eventually, home ... where I am now ready to collapse into a little puddle and vegetize for a while (the mood may be bouncy, but the body has other ideas).
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