September 14th, 2006

The Librarian

In the pink ... info from the new issue of "Threads"

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October):

Olfa is issuing special editions of two of their most popular fabric-cutting tools ... in honour of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (of which Olfa is a sponsor), the regular 45mm rotary cutter, the deluxe 45mm rotary cutter, and the 12"x18" self-healing cutting mat are available in pink for a limited time. A copy of the Breast Cancer Awareness Facts Booklet is packaged with each of these items.

Also in pink, The Bra-makers manual, by Beverly Johnson (much other nifty stuff available on this site as well). The author has also started a bra-makers' blog, featuring advice on alterations, dyeing, and other useful information.

And Jiffy Steamer is donating 10% of the purchase price of items purchased from their Breast Cancer Awareness Line of products to fund free mammograms.
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