August 11th, 2006

The Librarian

A successful expedition

This afternoon G. and I ventured up to the newly-discovered-online Edelveiss, where I scored their last tin of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate hot chocolate mix. Learned from the manager that, despite it being listed as regular stock in the online store, he's frequently out of it, as he ships cartons of the stuff to a customer in Brazil. Main mission accomplished, we browsed around the rest of the store (first visit for both of us), purchasing a few other tasty goodies, then had lunch in their café (I forget the German name for what I had, but it was fried potato noodles stuffed with bacon and onions ... very yummy ... accompanied by crunchily fresh salad). Next time will have to go back just for dessert ... the place was overflowing with tortes and other goodies. :d

The best route home took us past the Fair's Fair book warehouse ... discovered G. had never been there before, which I declared a sacrilege, so we stopped in for a couple of minutes just to save her soul (resisted book buying temptation just this once, but I know I've created a new convert ***grin***). And now home, just nicely ahead of the Friday afternoon traffic rush, for a couple of days R&R (might even get that last bookcase emptied and shifted ... a project I began when I was computerless)
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