July 25th, 2006

The Librarian

She's baaaaaack ... sort of

Took one last chance on my computer, after the attempt at installing the user32.dll file from semmie17 sent the whole thing into a failure-to-start-up loop. shut off the power and then started up with the original installation CD in the CD-drive and found that the dear little thing has a system restore feature that reinstalled XP without losing any of my stuff (all my data files, pictures, etc. are still here!). :-)

The computer is running VEEEEERRRRRY slowly and I'll have to download a ton of updates to get Windows up to speed, I can't get Outlook launched at all (yet), and I lack the "start" button and desktop toolbar that should be across the bottom of my screen, but at least the thing isn't completely toasted. Bit by bit I'll get there (and all suggestions/help still VERY much appreciated)

EDIT: Managed to retrieve the desktop start button and taskbar, which makes life MUCH simpler. Think I'm still gonna end up taking the critter to the e-doctor ... it's resisting letting me connect with Windows update and I can't uninstall the remains of McAfee (although I have killed some of its functions in the startup, which is speeding things up a wee bit). Shall keep you all posted ... thanks for the support! :-)
The Librarian

Further adventures in computer medicine ...

Found it very nervous-making last night when my newly-restored computer was creaking along so slowly. Figured out that one problem was that the remains of McAfee (the firewall section is still running) was interfering with other functions as it tried to find the rest of itself and communicate with home on startup, so went into mconfig and got it OFF the startup ... it's still slow to get up and running, but not as scarily so as it was.

Strangely, things, especially the Internet, started to pick up speed around 10:00 p.m. last night ... this morning at work I discovered that there'd been power outages all over the city, including my neighbourhood. But thanks to living across the street from a police station and thus being included on the emergency power grid, I never knew. So, even though I had electricity, it wasn't at the level it should be, plus Telus (and therefore the Internet) was in difficulties as well. Guess I should have been listening to the radio instead of playing comedy CDs on the stereo as I worked. :p

Tonight's plan: over to Future Shop to buy a copy of Norton (stopped at home first because I knew an Amazon parcel was in transit, and lo ... I had a pickup notice in my mailbox, so I can pick that up on the way). Then I have to reinstall the rest of McAfee temporarily so that I can access my Outlook email (hopefully) and then uninstall the thing properly, followed by installing Norton. And then I have three years of Windows XP updates to download ... WHEEE!