July 5th, 2006

The Librarian


A bonus payoff for staying home and for CKUA having to shuffle their DJs due to having a few of them stationed in Washington this week ... Baba is DJing in the daytime! A fun guy to listen to, but because he normally does the overnight show during the week, I rarely get to hear him (usually only during pledge drives when the DJs work in pairs instead of alone). A very good morning treat indeed! :-)
The Wolfman


Have industriously sorted through heaps of papers, doing long-neglected shredding and filing and putting away ... and I STILL can't find the English-language manual for my phone (the French one was neatly stored in the original box). Dammit, if I do all that work, I DESERVE the fun of redoing the settings on the thing (haven't fiddled with it since I moved to Calgary, so that means the manual WAS in this apartment).

EDIT: And then less than a minute with Google accomplishes what an hour of sorting and filing didn't ... the manual is available online! Ah well, at least a ton of other paper is now tucked away where it can't collect dust. :p
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Looted from anotheranon and timcharmorbien, split me wi' a fishfork, else!

Fellow George Macdonald Fraser fans will know where the name of the ship came from ...

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