June 30th, 2006


Friday, lovely Friday!

To be followed by a VERY long weekend, as I'm taking next week off ... a break I've been trying to take for three months, only to be thwarted by crises, meetings, interviews, project delays, and all kinds of other workplace "fun and games." None of which were anybody's fault (except for the project delays and runarounds, for which that particular client is fully to blame and going to the "special hell"), but weren't allowing me to disappear either. Thought I was nearly out of luck this time too, as one of my cataloguers informed me on Monday that she had another job and was giving her two-week notice, but ze boss and I scrambled and got a plan in place, so I don't have to worry about it. :-)

Mmmmm ... R&R! Sleeping when I'm tired and being allowed to be up when I'm not. Working on my own personal database and computer learning stuff. Being able to do something about my scanty hot-weather work wardrobe (I've spent most of my working summers bundled up against office air conditioning and last summer here was comfortably cool) without having to fight the other weekend shoppers. Coffee and schmoozing with my counterpart at the public library (nah, this isn't work ... we two cataloguing geeks email back and forth outside of our respective offices all the time). Hopefully time at the sewing machine (which would also aid the summer wardrobe problem). Catching up on reading and movies and stuff. Strolls in the nifty neighbourhoods of 17th Avenue and Inglewood and Kensington.

I feel rested already, just thinking about it! :-)
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My brain is doing things again ...

A notion has just popped into my head, triggered by seeing yet another mention of the "Superman is gay?" stuff that's going on at the moment.

Superman is from another planet. An alien. Which means that we can't make assumptions about surface/physical appearances. So who's to say that the mighty caped one is male ... mebbe we're looking at the female of the Kryptonian species? In other words, Superman has been a lesbian all along ... ;p

From the Cataloguer's Desktop

A short one; since I'm off for the week, I grabbed and brought home the notes I had ...

Painters of reality : the legacy of Leonardo and Caravaggio in Lombardy, edited by Andrea Bayer. Some very nice clothing details ...

The perfect medium : photography and the occult, by Clément Cheroux, Pierre Apraxine, Andreas Fischer, Denis Canquilhem, and Sophie Schmit. This one is here for the Sarah Waters fans ... the book is a collection of photographs, including many Victorian ones of alleged ectoplasm casts, spirit images, and other objects seen by Margaret Prior when she visits the British National Association of Spiritualists' headquarters in Affinity.

Capoeira conditioning : how to build strength, agility, and cardiovascular fitness using capoeira movements, by Gerard Taylor. Capoeira is a Brazilian combination of martial art and dance, generally performed to music. One doesn't have to aspire to the art itself to benefit from the training behind it ... I figure an exercise program which involves every part of the body and requires no equipment is one that fits everybody's budget. ;-) (and don't look at the cover photo and despair ... on the inside, the program starts at couch-potato level)

Don't click on the blue e! : switching to Firefox, by Scott Granneman.

A new republic : a history of the United States in the twentieth century, by John Lukacs.

Before the dawn : recovering the lost history of our ancestors, by Nicholas Wade.

Devil's game : how the United States helped unleash fundamentalist Islam, by Robert Dreyfuss.

The 25 best reptile and amphibian pets, by R.D. Bartlett.

A northern front : new and selected essays, by John Hildebrand.

Better than I ever expected : straight talk about sex after sixty, by Joan Price. Yeah, I know none of us are there yet. But, with humans being the unpredictable critters that they are, this could be a banned book by the time we need it. It could also be Saturday morning kiddie programming ... who can tell? I'm just giving you the chance to play safe and squirrel a copy away, just in case ... ;-)

Podcasting hacks, by Jack D. Herrington.

Inside every woman : using the 10 strengths you didn't know you had to get the career and life you want now, by Vickie L. Milazzo.

The itty bitty kitchen handbook : everything you need to know about setting up and cooking in the most ridiculously small kitchen in the world ... your own, by Justin Spring.

Meth : America's home-cooked menace, by Dirk Johnson.
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