June 24th, 2006

The Librarian

A lovely, lazy Saturday morning ...

... spent watching the final two episodes of Oliver's Travels (watched the first three last night, and then stopped because I didn't want to miss a single detail due to sleepiness). It's still every bit as fun as I recalled from my original television viewing in the mid-nineties ... one of those classic British combinations of mystery, romance, and wit that just leaves you smiling every time you think of it. Alan Bates (the butler in Gosford Park) and Sinéad Cusack (the doctor responsible for creating V in V for Vendetta) have GOT to be the best screen couple since Powell and Loy in The Thin Man.

What's it all about? Comparative religion, crosswords, murder, jokes, corruption, love, jazz, anagrams, predestination, and the identity of Aristotle. Oh, and a very funny thing about sex. (no, I WON'T tell you ... that'd spoil the story)

One for your exponentially growing must-view lists. :-)

Now, I must exert myself ... I told my team at work that helping out with the June schools rush would make me very happy and that a happy team leader might be inspired to bake cookies. They valiantly rose to the occasion and now so must I. ;-)
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