June 1st, 2006

George Platt Lynes 2

I'm not in the least surprised ...

... but I'm also glad that this is "official": Tories shy away from same-sex quagmire. The reader comments are interesting ... even people who were against same-sex marriage are agreeing that it's a done deal and there's no need to fiddle with it. :-)

And in other diversity-making headlines: The return of Batwoman -- as a lesbian socialite (note for those not up on their 30-year-old comics history: Batwoman is NOT the same person as Batgirl)
Rex Libris

Wanna see something nifty?

Go to the Ann Arbor District Library homepage. Click on "Catalog" and search for a book. Any book. One you've got the entry for an individual book on your screen, click on the "card catalog image" link.

Just to add to the fun, users can "scribble" notes and comments on these electronic 3 x 5 cards ... a great way to encourage others to read your favourite books.

It makes me SO happy to see library software moving beyond the practical and developing a fun side. :-)

P.S. Scrolling through the entries in the Director's Blog on the homepage is also recommended ... the one on the X-Men is quite giggle-worthy.

EDIT: Okay ... found how to read the X-Men entry, which has disappeared from the front page today. Scroll down the blog entries (the white central section on the homepage), and click on any of the "books" tags. Scrolling down the screen that opens up will let you see the X-Men bit.
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