May 27th, 2006

Vampire strippers

Just got home ...

... from the Comedy Cave's early show (1st show is nonsmoking, then that audience gets chased out so the smokers can come in for the 2nd one) and laughing myself silly at headliner Jocko Alston ... the man is WICKEDLY BRILLIANT!!!!! He does tour in the States on occasion, so if he shows up in your neighbourhood, GOGOGOGOGO to see him (go without eating for a few days if that's what it takes ... he's worth it!) 

And if none of you get lucky that way, I DID buy his DVD, so I can always pack it along to the next Gathering. :-) 

Of course he's now got me wondering if I'm only woman on the planet who ISN'T into scented candles ... suddenly I feel so alone. =O 

P.S. Trust me ... the icon IS appropriate for this one. And no, not for the reason that immediately springs into your twisted little minds. ;-)
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