May 25th, 2006

Rex Libris

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Yesterday, anotheranon was kind enough to link us to the hilarious Application for Minionhood ... I got curious about the source, figuring that the names Zodon and VonFogg must have some meaning somewhere, and discovered that the form is a tie-in to the ps238 comic books (click on the "important people" link at upper left to discover just who Zodon and VonFogg ARE).

BTW, anotheranon, I DID post a copy of the application in the staffroom this morning and had the fun of observing much snickering as people discovered it.

The latest on Bushwannabe ...

... who has now decided that he'll only talk to journalists who make positive reports about him and his government: PM accuses national media of bias, says he'll avoid them. Apparently Mr. Harper doesn't like it when Canadians are informed about what he and his are up to; he's also clamped down on all other levels of federal government ... nobody's allowed to talk to a reporter or send out a press release without his approval/inspection ... this is a FIRST in Canadian history. At this rate he'll have declated himself Holy Canadian Emperor within the year. :-(

On the plus side, he hasn't been stupid enough to "re-examine" the same-sex marriage law yet (that was one of his campaign promises, so it'll be interesting to see how he wriggles out of it, seeing as it's bound to lead to some sort of non-confidence action if he does do it).
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