May 20th, 2006

The Librarian

Day one ...

... of the long weekend (Monday is Victoria Day) and, so far, not a drop of the promised showers/thundershowers that were supposed to start yesterday afternoon and end our little heat wave. 'twas hot and muggy (for Calgary) and there were dark clouds in the sky yesterday when I left work, but the ground is still bone dry. Today is much cooler (hurrah for being able to open the windows in daytime!) and overcast, but that pearl gray sky isn't going to drop much moisture ... I'm hoping that there are big black thunderheads forming in the west (outside of my field of vision as my apartment faces east) because we REALLY need the rain.

Stayed up until 2:00 a.m., unable to put down Burned Alive until I'd finished it. One of those books that whallops your brain with a sledgehammer and rearranges your entire perspective ... one needs these reminders that, for all that we complain because we don't have perfect gender equality in the western world, we haven't a clue what REAL inequality is. Truly chilling stuff.

This morning, over orange juice and apple spice sausage, meandered through Luc and François Schuiten's The Hollow Grounds ... an odd and fascinating little trilogy of beautifully illustrated tales.

Now ***surveys to-read pile*** ... who's next ...?
The Librarian

Worms go U.K.!

Have just learned that the cream of Canadian comedy bands, The Arrogant Worms, are currently touring the U.K. for the very first time! News that's no good to the rest of us, but emerald14 (and any other Brit readers) might be lucky enough to be able to take advantage of this. If you can go, GO! ... you'll laugh yourself silly. :-)

Tour dates are:

The Arrogant Worms Beige Up the UK Tour
May 20 - Sale, Cheshire ... Buzz Comedy Club - Waterside Arts Centre
May 22 - Leeds, West Yorkshire ... The New Roscoe
May 24 - Edinburgh, SCO ... Pleasance Cabaret - Edinburgh Folk Club
May 26 - Matlock Bath, Derbyshire ... The Fishpond
May 27 - Southampton, Hampshire ... The Talking Heads
May 28 - Bournemouth, Hampshire ... Bournemouth Folk Club
May 30 - Mansfield, Derbyshire ... Brown Cow Folk Club
Jun 1 - Buxton, Derbyshire ... Club Acoustic
Jun 2 - Carlisle, Cumbria ... Carlisle Folk and Blues Club

For working links to ticket-purchasing info, etc., go to The Dirt Pile, click on "show dates" and scroll down to May 2006. There are animated versions of some of their songs also available on the site (under "Worm Pics")