April 24th, 2006

The Librarian

Glutton for punishment ...

Yesterday I was mindcontrolled charmed into presenting a cataloguing refresher workshop in late summer/early fall (note to self: never answer cataloguing questions intelligently on a library list ... the workshop police will FIND you!). I've been promised a full computer lab, good coffee, and payment, so I guess I should be able to survive it. :p

Actually, seriously, I'm looking forward to it ... I miss mentoring (used to have no shortage of mentees when I was doing it independently, but the supply dried up the second I signed up with the AALT Mentoring Group) and I'm certainly packing experience and "how to cheat" abilities. It's always fun to share with folk who actually WANT to learn what you know. :-)

And anyway, how could I say "no" to somebody who has promised to take care of the organization, scheduling, marketing, registration, and all the other fiddly administrative bits that I loathe?
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