April 22nd, 2006

The Librarian


Braved Chinook Centre today, after my hairdresser appointment, because they have a Zellers, I'm in desperate need of track pants (my 10-year-old Au Coton faves are finally disintegrating beyond mendability), and, for some arcane fashion reason, other stores aren't currently carrying such mundane garments (Cotton Ginny doesn't even have LEGGINGS any more ... SHEEESH!). Passed a Music World shop while there that was taking a break from blasting deafening music, so decided to make a quick browse through the DVD stock (Music World is mainly mainstream, but occasionally has surprising treasures ... they had "Neverwhere" and "Puppets Who Kill" long before any other dealer in town did). Good decision ... they had a copy of Deepa Mehta's Earth squirreled away among the usual brainless Hollywood fare ... HURRAH!!! Now I have the entire Elements Trilogy (this is the second film in the series ... the others are "Fire" and "Water"). This was an especially pleasant surprise because the DVD is listed as unavailable on the Amazon and Chapters/Indigo sites.

Bet nobody can guess what I'm doing tonight ...

P.S. Another movie that's recently been added to my MUST-view list: Osama

P.P.S. Yes, Zellers had track pants ... cheap and sans sports logos or glittery pink teddy bears. A girl has to have something comfy to goof off in. :p

EDIT TO ADD: P.P.P.S. Darn, nearly forgot ... the Music World venture also resulted in the acquisition of the Three Worms and an Orchestra DVD, which I've been looking for for a while. After having seen the boys in concert so many times in bowling shirts and bluejeans, the tuxedos are a little jarring (although the fact that they're all wearing sneakers colour-coordinated to their cummerbunds and bowties helps a lot). The music and the comedy are, of course and as always, brilliant. :-)
The Librarian

For the Firefly fans ...

Just finished watching the Three Worms and an Orchestra DVD (decided to save "Earth" for a more alert time tomorrow) and thought some of you might like to know that Nathan "Mal Reynolds" Fillion is a special guest on the disc, playing himself as a stalker-like fan of the band who desperately wants to participate in the concert (Mr. Fillion is from Edmonton and the Worms are performing with the Edmonton Symphony). Sadly, he's not wearing the leather kilt ... :p
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