April 13th, 2006

The Librarian

Here's a first ...

I've been given homework. From work. By the boss.

That's what I get for letting her know I'm a Britophile ... now I've got two uncorrected book proofs of British novels to read and report on whether they're worthy of ULS promotion.

Actually, this is a result of talking about that book vending machine link that I got from anotheranon, which led to talking about Sarah Waters ... boss was disappointed by The Night Watch (she LOVED Fingersmith), while I loved it ... which led to the fact that I generally prefer British authors, while she considers them "risky" 'cause she finds them harder to guess what's going to take off with the customers ... which led to the "homework" assignment. Told her I refuse to read romances, so at least I didn't get saddled with that (THANK GOODNESS) ... at quick glance I have one mystery/thriller-type and one SF-type (which, from reading the blurb on it, appears to be a pastiche of Kage Baker's "Company" novels, or at the very least, heavily inspired by them ... it'll be interesting to see just how close it really is).

Lessee ... still slowly working my way through the D.-loaned The Rabid Eye (artist Rick Veitch's dream journal in graphic form ... fascinating, but I suspect the reason it's slower going for me is my inability to remember dreams, and thus my unfamiliarity with the "format" ***GRIN***), two D.-loaned videos sitting on the coffee table awaiting viewing, three SF novels in the queue, trying to get the rest of my own video database transferred from BookCAT to CATVids, dinner over at S.'s place on Sunday (the fellow cataloguer who contributes some of the gems in Cataloguer's Desktop) ... I suspect my long weekend is fully taken care of. No time left for vacuuming ... DARN! :p
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