April 4th, 2006

Dawn French

Over the weekend ...

... one of the things I did with my time off search out a new piece of Jan Saudek art to put on my computer's desktop and create a new colour scheme to set it off. Later that same day, anotheranon posted this. So, in honour of what was obviously "Great Minds Think Alike Sunday," I've decided I have to share my choice of Saudek's "Portrait of Young Lady."

Now THAT's a woman! (NOT WORK SAFE!)

P.S. If you've never had the treat of viewing Jan Saudek's photos before, go here, choose a date range from the list at the left, and then click on any of the thumbnails that pop up on the right ... the photo linked above is from the 1996-2000 gallery.

The mind boggles ...

I'm a big fan of Brooke McEldowney, who currently writes/draws two comic strips: "9 Chickweed Lane" (which appears in many newspapers and is home to Solange, the Siamese cat) and "Pibgorn" (which is only published on the Internet). Both strips are posted daily at the United Media site and that's where I normally do my daily reading.

But, once in a while, I wander over to 9chickweedlane (which also posts both strips) to see what the other McEldowney fans are saying. And this is where the bogglement happens. Mr. McEldowney is not your standard gag-a-day cartoonist. Along with being a very talented artist, he creates complex plots which play out over long story arcs. Yet many of the members who claim to be longstanding fans and admirers of his work seem to have a 2-second attention span ... they kvetch and moan over the length and complexity of the stories ("Pibgorn" is currently a re-enactment of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," performed by doppelgangers of the regular characters from both strips, while "Chickweed" is narrating the personal turmoils of a nun and a priest who feel an attraction for each other).

There are others who, like myself, are loving the Shakespeare and the other long storyline, but we sometimes seem to be a minority; I just can't figure out HOW these short-attention-span types managed to become "fans" in the first place, since the man has been writing this way for the entire time I've been reading him. ***very puzzled expression*** It's kinda like coming across a rabid Tolkien fan who gripes because LotR isn't a short story.

Ah, the weirdness of humans ...
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