February 7th, 2006

The Librarian

Standing ovation ...

... for today's Earl and Myrtle ... you've just illustrated one of my deepest, darkest fantasies (okay, mine usually involves shoving somebody into their own disk drive and then hitting file delete, but it's the same thing in principle ***grin***)
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The Librarian

Something old ...

Long ago (in Internet time at least) I served a term as "ListMom" on a Yahoo group that acted as home for fans of a somewhat obscure Canadian science fiction series (for the curious, the show was called "Lexx"). During that period, there were ups and downs (as happens when you're dealing with over 100 people of various nationalities, languages, etc.), and one spectacular episode of all hell breaking lose. I came away from that experience with several very good friends, who I eventually met in RL, now hang out with in LJ and via emails, and don't get to see/talk to anywhere near as often as I'd like, and with the memory of having written one rousing good rant at the membership ... I was astonished and pleased to see it frequently quoted/referred to by other members after the event, and it even pops up outside of the original list on occasion.

Alas, the times they are a-changing, all good things come to an end, and all that jazz. Tonight I retrieved a copy of my lecture, since there is a good chance that its original home may not live much longer; I want to tuck it away in LJ for safekeeping, because it's relevant to so many times and situations. Read it if you wish, but don't feel obliged ... as I said, I just want to ensure that a copy survives ... for my own vanity, if nothing else ***grin***.

Some of it won't make sense if you weren't there at the time (and I'm not going to explain the whys and wherefores and whodunits and background ... that stuff is history, and, in my original words, "If you want gory details, ***points*** the National Enquirer is located at your local supermarket checkout"). But the main body applies very much to things going on in our world today:

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