January 26th, 2006

The Librarian

I think tommdroid's Thursdays are becoming contagious ...

Another one of "those" days at work; feeling very much as if I was Red Queening for the whole of it. The only plus is that it wasn't the kind of stuff where I end up feeling like people OWE me hours on my life to compensate for the ones they wasted; the customer calls were legitimate problems (and the customers themselves were pleasant and cooperative about it all), collecting payroll information for my department is a necessary part of getting paid, the sudden bouncing back of all my emails to CPL appears to be a problem with Calgary Public Library's computer and not ours, etc. I just got very little of my REAL work done, which is not a good thing when we're trying to clear and invoice as much material as possible before starting annual inventory next week.

So dragged myself home an hour later than planned (I've already been putting in overtime and spent four hours last night proofreading the spring hotlist 'cause I wasn't able to do it at work ... so I'd figured I was entitled to leave on time tonight), open the mailbox and discover ...

Parcel notice, which turned out to be my copy of From Fringe to Flying Circus"! ***happy dancing***

$400.00 Alberta Resource Rebate cheque from the provincial government (this is a payback to residents of Alberta from the 2005 provincial surplus) ***HURRAY***

Summons to jury duty. ***ARRRRGGGGHHH*** I DO believe in a citizen's obligation to perform this duty when called, but the timing is just SO unbelievably bad ... we're swamped at work (and projected to be so for most of the year), we're taking on a new large client AND building the collection for a new branch for another large client on TOP of the being swamped, we're looking at a major cataloguing software upgrade early this summer that has to be prepared for ... I think tomorrow I'll fold the summons into a paper airplane, sail it into the boss's office and run away really fast. :p