January 9th, 2006

The Librarian


Got a VERY approving email from the boss today about the trial departmental Web page that I set up ... got praise for the page itself (she found useful stuff for herself on it) AND the anxiously-awaited okay for having everything loaded onto the company server (instead of being in my limited Telus space). Will have to get location information from the IT Dept. (who was home with a migraine today) so I can edit the pages to work from that site, and find out when there'll be time to load the stuff, but that just gives me time to do some more HTML fiddling and learning.

If, over the next few weeks, I go quiet, you'll know I'm doing battle with client specifications ... attempting to wrestle 'em into some form of consistency. :p
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The Librarian

Free e-comic books/graphics

Image Comics is offering some titles as free online editions! Mainly first issues of series (the title list on the right contains more options than the cover image buttons on the left), so you're intentionally left wanting more, but it's nice to be able to sample what's out there. :-)

P.S. They also offer five-page previews of many print titles on a weekly rotation ... scroll down and you'll see the link on the bottom left.