January 7th, 2006

The Librarian

Gotta love it

We're on Windows 2000 (with all its attendant idiosyncracies) at work. The computers are a variety of makes and models, at least three generations (or more) behind current. Which means things are sluggish at times, but the company seems to think our production is okay as is (the Cataloguing Dept. is intentionally a break-even section of the company ... the profit comes from all the books libraries buy through United Library Services BECAUSE they can get catalogue copy, labels, processing, etc.)

Yesterday I found a notice from our cataloguing software company in my mailbox, with a post-it from the G.M. saying to get back to her on it ASAP. Well, well, well ... The Library Corporation is issuing a major version upgrade of ITS in 2006. On the side: They're also changing the name back to the original "Bibliofile", which makes me glad 'cause the current name makes for awkward communication ("ITS" confuses too easily with "it's" and "its"). The new version requires Windows XP! Hurrah! Most of our current equipment would probably burst into flames just having a Windows XP installation CD in the same room, so we're probably looking at everybody being upgraded too. Speed! A potential end to system freezes! (they still happen, although nowhere NEAR the three times a day, every day, that they were at when I started working at ULS ... since we started logging dates/times/actions whenever a problem cropped up, we've been able to identify and eliminate several of the triggers, like people using an incorrect procedure to delete tags). Plus the new version has some tasty features that don't exist in the current version ... these will also help us move the books through faster.

Planned release: July 2006
Support for old version discontinued: December 2006

This is gonna be an interesting (hopefully in a positive way) year. :-)
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The Librarian


From ULS' annual company bash. Won a bottle of wine (Red Bicyclette) and was hauled onto the dance floor by a somewhat inebriated D. (not the D. of the comic books and stuff ... this is another D.), who was WARNED that I can't dance ... ah well, had much fun and a good dinner and am now simultaneously wired and tired. Good thing tomorrow is a sleeping in day. :D

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