December 26th, 2005

The Librarian


CKUA is playing an odd combined jazz/rap version of Hamlet's soliloquy on the radio right now. Suddenly, in retrospect, the incessant Christmas music wasn't so bad ...
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The Librarian

***yawning and stretching***

Laziness is a wonderful thing, especially when one is allotted some time to do it properly. :-) Of course my brand of laziness means doing stuff for which there usually doesn't seem to be enough time. Which means over the last couple of days I've:

a) made progress in my reread C.J. Cherryh (an author who requires one to devote hefty blocks of reading time rather than snatched minutes here and there) project (have finished The Paladin and Forty Thousand in Gehenna and am now well into volume one of "Cyteen"). I've also started rereading my Stephen Jay Gould books ... his essays on natural history and evolution go very nicely with Cherryh. :-)

b) watched five restored episodes of At last the 1948 show (okay, I COULD have managed that one on weeknights, but it was more fun to be able to watch 'em all at once and give 'em my full attention)

c) done some playing around with the data setup/entry and HTML generator of the special video cataloguing software (companion to the book one I already use) I purchased a couple of months ago. Go have a looksee under "Movies 2" over at JLS' Collections and give me your opinions ... the Web version IS, after all, for everybody who doesn't live at my house (I have the cool, link-filled inhouse version to look stuff up on ***grin***). I'm thinking that I definitely need to widen the thing so that more than three words fit across a column (I'm stuck with the double episode-by-episode type entry thingy, since that's how the main software is set up). Plus I have a tons more data to transfer, edit and load, so some of the records you're seeing are incomplete ... things will get better as I get more accomplished.