December 2nd, 2005

The Librarian

Still very cold today ...

... but hasn't reached "damned cold" yet. Plugged in block heaters everywhere (not me yet ... hurrah for Honda toughness) and windchills down in the minus twenties; my side-fringed scarf (the one that looks like a giant centipede) is finally getting used. Did some work on my "Arctic" scarf last night ... hopefully I'll finish it this weekend, on the premise/hope that if I have the garment available, I won't need it.

Supposed to stay cold all weekend, but I'm prepared. D. delivered my special order copies of Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisis and Kage Baker's The Children of the Company to my desk today (chortling 'cause he figured my buying the Meltzer after reading his copy was revenge for his "having" to buy his own copy of Finding Serenity after reading mine). Looks as if I'll be skipping vacuuming for another weekend ... new books take priority over all other things and are a prime excuse for spending a winter weekend curled up on the couch, drinking hot choccie and reading, right? Plus I've got another loaned DVD from M. to watch ...

I will venture out into the cold for a short while tomorrow, though ... promised G., a Calgary Public Library cataloguer who was recently transferred from downtown to my local branch (where she is now the manager), that I'd stop by and have coffee with her, and tomorrow is one of her working Saturdays. (G.'s former job was the second position of the "headhunting" adventure)

Hmmmm ... wonder if I could get that Arctic scarf finished for tomorrow ...
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The Librarian

Silliness and updates

There's a new hero in comicbookdom: Rex Libris. Check out the preview pages here (be sure to have your library card at the ready).

It's been a long while, but I updated the book section of JLS' Collections tonight. Along with my own new acquisitions, there's quite a few new free ebooks, including over twenty titles from University of California Press. Happy browsing!

I need to update the movies section too (as well as get back on the music cataloguing project; the CDs are finshed, but I still have to tackle cassettes and LPs), but I'm currently working on transferring my movie data from BookCAT to my newly acquired CATVids software, so it may be a little while (although I hope to have a test version up in the next week or so that I can get your input).

Have new booknotes sitting on the desk too ... a new Cataloguer's Desktop post is imminent!