November 22nd, 2005

The Librarian

Especially for padawan_helena ...

... and also of interest to others who like their SF and Fantasy in listening mode. One of my co-workers was cataloguing Spider Robinson's Very Bad Deaths on MP3 today, and it was UNABRIDGED! (yes, your favourite flavour!) Got the publisher and Website from her ... looks as if Blackstone Audiobooks is carrying an excellent selection of unabridged SF and fantasy (as well as other genres). Even better, they are offering a growing number of titles in MP3 format, which means fewer disks, less packaging and, therefore, lower prices ... the MP3 audiobooks seem to mostly be priced at under $30.00US, which is half the price (or less) of many standard CD audiobooks and cheaper than most hardcover books as well. Blackstone is also offering downloadable editions of some of their audiobooks through a partnership with (there's a rental service as well, but it's only available in Canada and the U.S.)