November 14th, 2005

The Librarian

Another title for your must-watch lists

(anotheranon: Bollywood recommendations alert!)

Lagaan is a true story, set in 1893, about a cricket match whose outcome determined whether or not an Indian province would pay crop taxes, or "lagaan", to the British, during a time of drought. An incredible piece of storytelling, filled with amazing costumes, scenery, and acting (Rajesh Vivek IS the Hindi Brian Blessed! ***grin***). Another treasure loaned to me by M.-at-work, that I now MUST own one of these days.

Note: This is a lengthy film (224 minutes) ... I popped it into the DVD player last night without checking the time, and then was up FAR too late because there was no WAY I was stopping it and waiting until tonight to see the ending (and I didn't help matters by continually reversing so I could rewatch bits). :p Every minute was worth seeing ... now that I know the story, I need to watch it again so that I can pay more attention to the visuals and less to reading the English subtitles.

And I also have to watch Dil Chahta Hai (this is a 2-movie DVD) ... I recognize Akshaye Khanna's face in the DVD cover picture for this title, from his cameo in Bollywood Hollywood ... I'll take that as meaning I'm doing pretty good for a feringhee just learning her Bollywood. :-)

Other Bollywood-related stuff: Amazon informs me that my copy of Chutney Popcorn is in transit. Also, M. has recommended Deepa Mehta's film trilogy: Fire (1996), Earth (1998), and Water (2005). The list is ever-growing ...