October 9th, 2005

The Librarian

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This morning the "neighbour" was down below, with its back to the balcony, deepening the scrape that it's lying in in yesterday's photos. Was easy to see that the winter white fur is now covering most of the back of the head and the hind paws ... once the colour change begins, it spreads quite quickly.

The resident squirrels have gone into activity overdrive ... or maybe it's just that the noise of them scurrying through the fallen leaves makes one notice them more easily.
The Librarian

A weekend of accomplishment ... so far

... and despite little obstacles, like getting all the painting supplies out to finally tackle the little wooden drawer cabinet that I bought at IKEA a couple of months ago and discovering that my remaining primer refused to mix no matter how much I shook it (not too much of a waste, since the jar only had about 3 cm left in it) and what I thought was a half-jar of Les Faux-Finis du Monde Metallique (in dark bronze) was a dried-up coating on the bottom of ITS jar. Ah well ... presentable clothes on and zip down the street to RONA for more supplies. Decided, browsing through the shelf of Metallique, to go with pale bronze for this cabinet, instead of the dark bronze I used on the previous one (the paint, BTW, operates as advertised ... it does give a nice metallic finish to wood).

Now cabinet, drawers, and drawer supports are partially primed ... have to wait for primed bits to dry so I can flip 'em and do the rest.

Have vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen (even so far as to unload a full dishwasher instead of just living out of it until I desperately need to put dirty dishes in), got my mother's scarf knitted to the halfway mark (time to add second skein of yarn), prewashed some lengths of cloth acquired at Fabricland's moving sale (yes, anotheranon, I will take photos) and will hopefully get going on making long-sleeved t-shirt, and am up to volume eight in my read-Glen-Cook's-Garrett-novels-in-order project (begun since I recently acquired the FIVE scattered volumes that I was missing ... no wonder I was having trouble tracking what was going on with the war, politics, and power changes in the local crime syndicate!)

Giving myself a four-day weekend was a VERY good idea. :-)
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