October 6th, 2005

The Librarian

Gourmet cheeseburgers ...

Fresh-ground bison, mixed with raw egg and Dijon mayonnaise. Hand-shaped into large patties and cooked at just below medium, so that they'll be cooked through without scorching/drying the outside. Topped with thin slices of onion and herbed Havarti (not the usual choice for a cheeseburger, but it worked surprisingly well ... only other choices in the fridge were brie and grated parmesan), and sandwiched in sesame buns that have been very lightly brushed with sweet relish.

My tastebuds are VERY happy tonight. :-)
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The Librarian

(no subject)

I got called "evil" at work today. Twice. By the same person. It's so nice to end the work week on a high note (I'm taking tomorrow off, and Monday is a holiday, so I'm getting the treat of a 4-day weekend).

Most of the time, when one is called "evil" (in a friendly way, of course), it's run-of-the-mill generic evil compliment. But when you get it from somebody that you know has evil down to an artform themselves ... then it MEANS something.

I'm so proud of myself. ***beams***
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