October 4th, 2005

The Librarian

No snow

Sorry to disappoint all the people who were excited about the white stuff, but it didn't happen. Instead, today was a "normal", pleasant, sunny autumn day. It's probably lurking, waiting to strike the city on the upcoming long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving this Monday). Evil stuff. :p

Just home from dinner with the gang at East Side Mario's (bowtie pasta, chicken, and broccoli in cheese sauce, with extra cheese on top). Afterwards G. and I went a poked 'round in Northern Reflections ... last month when I was pants shopping all the pants were too short (a shame, because I absolutely loathe "flood pants", no matter how in fashion I'm told they are, and N.R. is one of the few clothing lines in existence whose pants fit both my waist and my hips) and this month ... THEY'RE LONG!!!!! ***happy dancing*** So I now have a new pair of teal cords (N.R. calls 'em "Atlantic", but in RL they're definitely teal). And it's Tuesday, so all purchases earn double points on membership cards (points add up to discounts on future purchases, etc.)!

All in all, it's been a very good day ... the exact opposite of last week's Tuesday-from-Hell. :-)
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