October 3rd, 2005

The Librarian

The winter's coming bleahs

One out of every ten raindrops yesterday afternoon still had snow crystals in it (could see 'em clearly when they hit my windshield).

This morning we had big fluffy snowflakes coming down for a couple of hours, although they all melted when they hit the ground.

Tonight, coming home from work, we were back to the rain with snow crystals routine.

I have a sneaking suspicion the ground may be white tomorrow morning.

I also have an overpowering craving for junk food ... something with lots of chemicals and salts and artificial colouring. Probably caused by the weather ... fortunately I don't wanna go back out in it and buy anything, so I'm saved. :p
The Librarian

Have been ...

... collecting a few new links for JLS' Favourite Oddities & Curiosities and have just now got 'round to uploading the updates. Attention kat1392: I've added a crochet category to my Fibre Arts section (so far have found one free online crochet magazine, plus some free pattern/technique demo stuff ... I know it'll grow). There are a few new links in other areas as well ... happy clicking!
The Librarian

Designs from down under ...

Wearable Art Sydney '05

Found this while attempting to find Web photos of Ruth Osborn's designs; was just reading a pair of articles about her in Australian Stitches and decided that the sewers/costumers I know just HAD to see her work (no luck though ... Australian designers and dealers appear to love email, but not Web pages ... will have to see what I can accomplish with the digicam tomorrow).