September 13th, 2005

The Librarian

Have been ...

... a busy little bee, transcribing credits for season one of Made in Canada and filling out corrections/submissions forms for the Internet Movie DataBase (hey, you guys want ACCURATE information, don't you?). Have also been doing some updating for the Lexx episodes/guest appearances as well (since several Canadian actors appear on both, a missing person on one generally leads me to a missing person on the other). I think I've finally figured out why so many Canadian shows have error-ridden entries ... somebody has got their hands on a copy of TV North and has just blindly entered everything in it without checking or knowing the shows well; it's a nice book, but the author frequently has added one-time guest performers to the regular cast lists (some of the errors match what's in the book exactly). :-(

Ah well, the project is making ME pay more attention to guest artist names (instead of just knowing their faces), and I'm learning to scribble really REALLY fast, since my DVD player has a power saver that kicks in after about 45 seconds on "pause".

P.S. My main motivation for becoming an IMDB volunteer is that I was using the thing as a source for the credits in my own collections database ... that's how I started noticing things that were GLARINGLY wrong. And I want MY data to be correct!
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