September 9th, 2005

The Librarian

Just for fun

Acquired from libwitch.

1. Copy and paste your friends list.
2. If you've friended multiple journals by the same person, strike out all but the "main" one.
3. Bold the name of everyone you know or have met in "real life."
4. Italicize the name of everyone you've spoken to on the phone.
5. Underline the name of everyone you've chatted with online.
6. [Bracket] people you've known, online or off, for more than five years.
7. Turn family members red
8. Pass it on.


1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.

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The Librarian

Nothing like ...

... homemade comfort food for soothing the soul. After my please-erase-the-tape day yesterday (today WAS better) and with today's cold and rain, I got kitchen-inspired and have just popped a casserole of homemade macaroni'n'cheese into the oven. Shell macaronis and browned lean beef, covered in sauce made from Monterey Jack cheese, milk, butter, flour, dry mustard, and a splash of tabasco sauce, and the entire works capped with a layer of grated Monterey Jack. Shoulda put chopped onions and cooked spinach in too, but a bit of my lazy streak prevailed. It's gonna taste SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!

Also noticed that I have a couple of new "friend of" acquisitions (I actually pay attention to my LJ info page about twice a year, so this is an unusual day ***grin***)! Welcome! I recognize one from a recent exchange over at knitting and I see the other ... hey, you're in London! I got my Library Technician diploma at Fanshawe! That grinding noise you hear is the world getting steadily smaller and smaller and smaller ...

Hmmmm ... now, what to do while waiting for dinner ... mebbe I should type up all those book notes I brought home LAST weekend? :p
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From the Cataloguer's Desktop

The insomnia solution : the natural, drug-free way to a good night's sleep, by Michael Krugman.

The BalleCore workout : integrating pilates, hatha yoga, and ballet in an innovative exercise routine for all fitness levels, by Molly Weeks.

The type 2 diabetes sourcebook for women, by M. Sara Rosenthal.

Healthy carb cookbook for dummies, by Jan McCracken.

Strangers in the garden : the secret lives of our favorite flowers, by Andrew Smith.

A logic named Joe, by Murray Leinster, edited by Eric Flint.

The almond : the sexual awakening of a Muslim woman, by Nedjma.

Death and the sun : a matador's season in the heart of Spain, by Edward Levine.

Sloth, by Wendy Wasserstein. Sixth title in the Seven Deadly Sins series.

The insider : trapped in Saddam's brutal regime, by Ala Bashir.

Sing for your supper : the Broadway musical in the 1930s, by Ethan Mordden.

Mistress Bradstreet : the untold life of America's first poet, by Charlotte Gordon.

How to marry a millionaire vampire, by Kerrelyn Sparks.

Sexual healing : a novel, by Jill Nelson.

Machete season : the killers in Rwanda speak, by Jean Hatzfield.

The wreckers : a story of killing seas, false lights, and plundered shipwrecks, by Bella Bathurst.

Master mind : the rise and fall of Fritz Haber, the Nobel Laureate who launched the age of chemical warfare, by Daniel Charles.

Roving Mars : spirit, opportunity, and the exploration of the red planet, by Steve Squyres.

Tigers in red weather, by Ruth Padel.

The food intolerance bible, by Antony J. Haynes and Antoinette Savill.

Osteoporosis for dummies, by Carolyn Riester O'Connor and Sharon Perkins.

The hungry years : confessions of a food addict, by William Leith.

Cool : the story of ice cream, by Marilyn Powell.

Shoes : the complete sourcebook, by John Peacock.

Japonisme : cultural crossings between Japan and the West, by Loinel Lambourne.

Xtreme fashion, by Courtenay Smith and Sean Topham.

Gilbert & George : intimage conversations with François Jonquet.

Cloth and human experience, edited by Annette B. Weiner and Jane Schneider.

Cool crochet : 30 hot, fun designs to crochet and wear, by Melissa Leapman.

Lavoisier in the Year One : the birth of a new science in an age of revolution, by Madison Smartt Bell.

Nikkei in the Pacific Northwest : Japanese Americans & Japanese Canadians in the twentieth century, edited by Louis Fiset and Gail M. Nomura.

Burton on Burton, revised edition, edited by Mark Salisbury, foreword by Johnny Depp (yes, this is a test to see if the known Deppophiles read all the way to the bottom ***grin***)