September 2nd, 2005

The Librarian

The last Friday afternoon off of summer ...

... and how do I spend it? Why, by deconstructing the living room, of course. 'twas gray and slightly chilly and rain-threatening when I left work, so got the bright idea that I should disconnect and shift all the entertainment electronics and the media centre itself (and the armchair and the baker's rack full of plants and the media spinner full of CDs and cassettes) so that I could pull the covers off the living room radiators and give the things a good clean (did the ones in the bedrooms last summer). Eeeeeeyuck!!!!! Somehow I have the feeling that I'm one of only two living beings (the other being the building manager who showed me how to do it) in Alberta who know how to pull radiator covers off. Like the bedroom rads, the vanes were covered in a thick layer of dust, fluffies, dead insects and the remains of spider webs. The interiors of the covers were a filthy dark rust colour that was greasy to the touch. And now? Well, 'tis impossible to get such poorly designed devices perfectly clean, but at least the vanes have been vacuumed and the exposed pipes and cover interiors have been wiped clean (the interiors are now a pale grey/cream and feel like metal instead of like gunk from the bottom of a stagnant pond). All is now reassembled and I'm ready for winter heating sans that musty, long-dead-mouse smell that usually accompanies the first turning up of the thermostat.

And, of course, being a glutton for punishment, as long as everything was in disarray, I looked upon the room and pondered. So now the couch is has been turned 90 degrees and been shoved down to other end of the room where the armchair, the spinner and the rack used to reside. A couple of bookcases and some media towers will have to be emptied and shifted. Media centre will also undergo a 90 degrees turn. End result should be a room that feels a bit bigger, more taking advantage of daylight while reading/knitting/whatever on the couch (since it's now up by the balcony doors, and the electronics not having the morning sun shining on their sensitive little backs.

I think I can call this today's workout. :p
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The Librarian

A sudden breeze ...

Five minutes ago it was absolutely still outside ... now suddenly we have massive winds out of nowhere! The kind that can snap off unwary branches. With the first gust I could hear stuff flying off other people's balconies ... now I can see a couple of neighbour silhouettes doing some quick damage control. This is in our sheltered courtyard ... wonder what's happening outside our little haven?

Guess this means it IS going to rain tonight. Or snow ... ya never know in this place. :p

Hmmm ... seems to have calmed down now ... but there's still a bit of breeze blowing. In the meantime, one more media tower to move and then I can start plugging stuff back in again!
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