September 1st, 2005

The Librarian

Public Service Announcement

I was given a movie warning today to pass on to any SF-loving intelligent lifeforms that I know. Do NOT go to see A Sound of Thunder. D. at work went with his reviewer buddy (cultivate friendships with reviewers; they always get 2 tickets!) ... only reason reviewer didn't walk out in middle of film (and didn't let D. either) is that he felt he owed it to civilization to be able to write the most complete bad review possible, in order to thoroughly warn others away from the theatre. Since D. has, so far, shown excellent taste in TV, comics, and movies (loves "Firefly", "Bablylon 5", "Batman Begins", and anything by Neil Gaiman), I personally plan to take this warning very seriously. I shall save up all my movie-going pennies for Serenity, which I'm sure I'll have to see more than once. :-)