August 16th, 2005

The Librarian

More trip trivia (now that I'm more-or-less awake)

I forgot to mention ... I got to taste dark chocolate M&Ms!!!!! Lots and lots of them!!!!! ***HAPPY DANCING*** And I've got more in my luggage. No problems passing through Canadian Customs ... I'd remembered to put down a small "value of goods purchased or received as gifts" amount on my customs form. When I was asked just what I had with me and replied I'd been gifted with "dark chocolate M&Ms and Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix" the agent laughed and said something about good stuff that's only available in the States (she looked a little jealous too ... I guess I'm lucky it wasn't confiscated ***grin***)

Tremendous thank yous and Lyekka vs. Japan-sized MEGAHUGS to those who made sure I got to try that elusive and rare candy. :-)

P.S. As a bonus, found a copy of Irish author Emma Donoghue's Life Mask in an airport bookstore in Toronto. Donoghue's books lack the sexuality of those by Sarah Waters, but, aside from that, are just as gripping a read (her Slammerkin is a historical clothing delight as the main character compares the construction of her former cheap prostitute clothing with the fine dressmaking skills that she is learning)
The Librarian

More result-of-gathering catching up

The topic of vampire books came up this weekend (as it usually does when people like us get together), so I did some digging and have resurrected the posts where I mention vampire novels in my personal collection (did have to dig too ... they're both properly tagged as "reading", but the tag feature only lists the 100 most recent entries and I think I've exceeded its limit when it comes to this particular topic ***grin***).

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