July 30th, 2005

The Librarian

Pressed duck

My first thought on seeing this knitted duckling was that it had obviously lost a game of chicken with a steamroller. Suspicion confirmed when I scrolled down a teensy bit ... the "bookmark version" is really the pre-Photoshopped portrait, showing the steamrollered duckling with the intestines squooshed out of it. :p
The Librarian

A good week for scoring

Just got home from returning a DVD to my hairdressers ... the way Calgary is set up, it's easier to take a diferent route home than the one I use to get there. Different route takes me past the Fair's Fair used book warehouse (such trauma!), so decided to drop in. And found a copy of Kage Baker's In the Garden of Iden! (the only way to score higher would have been them having Mendoza in Hollywood, which is the only book in the Company series that I haven't read ... ah well, maybe next visit).

On the final leg of homewardboundness, the traffic lights at McLeod (THE main route into Calgary from the south) and Heritage, which is a fairly major intersection, were out (they were working when I left); felt terribly sorry for the two cops directing traffic while a repair crew tried to get things running ... the Calgary Police Service uniform is head-to-toe black (one of 'em was a motorcycle cop, weaing the big black knee-high boots as well, poor thing) and it's +30C out there today. There isn't a speck of shade in that intersection and only a couple of bits of white fluff in the sky. Plus it's the first day of a long weekend, so there's double the usual number of Saturday idiots driving in the city. Hope the lights are fixed before one of 'em gets sunstroke.

I think I need some ice cream now.
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