July 24th, 2005

The Librarian


It's only ten degrees (Celsius) outside ... no wonder I was getting chilly, sitting in front of the computer to catch up on today's comic strips, wearing only a slightly damp, fresh-from-the-shower towel, with the patio door wide open. Now am wearing something more substantial, have closed open door and window, turned on heat, and am cooking hot breakfast. Leftover rice, tomatoes, and chopped cooked chicken in the skillet ... a couple of giant, double-yolked eggs to be added once those are heated through, and I have scrummy, warming comfort food. Am also making coffee ... bought a virginal stainless steel coffee scoop last week and gave it its first plunge into the Colombian decaf grounds today (yes, I really AM all about the flavour and not the caffeine ***grin***). A giant mug of that, with some dark brown sugar (which goes FAR better with coffee than white sugar), and I shall be fortified to tackle sewing the fabric I cut out last night. Provided I can resist the seductive call of Love and Death in Renaissance Italy", which is lying half-read on the couch, with its pages sprawled open (books are such brazen hussies). :-)
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The Librarian

***Note to self ...

... while waiting for the iron to heat up so seams can be pressed open.***

Sewing projects go more smoothly if one remembers that the last time one used the sewing machine, one was sewing on a button, which required one to lower the feed dogs, and THAT is why one's fabric isn't feeding through automatically! :p
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