July 20th, 2005

The Librarian

Some days I shouldn't be allowed near the computer

Have been happily wallowing in my mispent childhood again ... the Hilarious House of Frightenstein tribute site has a second episode available for download (warning to newcomers ... Canadian children's shows are a leeetle bit different from American ones ... this particular program featured an imported Vincent Price as a creepy, poetic linkman ***grin***). When I downloaded the first ep months ago, splicing together the clips to make a single video was a snap ... a quarter hour with Windows Movie Maker and I had a 45-minute TV program, with the commercials conveniently edited out.

This time ... ARGH!!!! Same site, with episode broken down into easy-to-swallow clips, same as last time. Download clips ... check! Load clips in Movie Maker ... check! Combine clips ... "combine clips" command refuses to operate. Clear project file and repeat. Nada. Scroll through help ... have I forgotten a step? FINALLY, after half an hour of frustration, it occurs to me to look at the file extension ... instead of being handy .wmv, like the first episode, this one is .mpa!!!!!! No wonder Movie Maker was unhappy (it would play the clips, just refused to splice 'em, while the storyboard function kept insisting they were audio clips).

So a few minutes with Google and I'm now in the process of downloading a free trial version of an e-critter that will convert MPEG to .wmv

Wish me luck, girls and boys, 'cause I have a craving for hammy Price poetry and a dose of "The Librarian"

EDIT: Pokling 'round the website and catching up on the news, since I haven't been in here for a while. YIPPEE ... DVD in September! Not bad for a show whose creator had all the "official" copies destroyed. Apparantly he's relented and this is going to be a licensed'n'legal disk ... 4 30-minute-version episodes (in Canada it was originally a 1 hour show, but was re-edited to the shorter format when it was rebroadcast by Showcase years later), made from 3/4 inch video (which has higher quality picture/sound than the more familiar 1/2 tapes). YAY!!!!! Another generation of young'uns has the chance to have their little psyches warped (in a good way)
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