July 12th, 2005


From the Cataloguer's Desktop

Another mini-list ... brought my notes home sooner than I normally would because item #1 is especially for hadesgirl and kat1392.

Yoga for healthy knees : what you need to know for pain prevention and rehabilitation, by Sandy Blaine. The author has suffered serious knee injury herself and I figure somebody who's walked the walk will give you more sensible advice than somebody with two healthy joints and a theory. :p

Hadrian's empire, by Danny Danziger (author of 1215 : the year of Magna Carta and The year 1000 : what life was like at the turn of the first millennium) and Nicholas Purcell.

An Irish history of civilization, volume one and volume two, by Don Akenson. Not a history of Ireland, but a quirky, anecdotal Irish perspective on the development of what we call civilization.

A matter of opinion, by Victor S. Navasky.

From the mind to the marketplace : the story of an inventor, the home improvement industry, his wife and her lovers, by Jayne Seagrave.

Humboldt's cosmos : Alexander Von Humboldt and the Latin American journey that changed the way we see the world, by Gerard Helferich.

Natural history, by Justina Robson.

Sex with kings : 500 years of adultery, power, rivalry, and revenge, by Eleanor Herman.

Stronger than hate : struggling to forgive, by Tim Guénard.

Starstruck : when a fan gets close to fame, by Michael Joseph Gross.

Canadian history for dummies, 2nd ed., by Will Ferguson.