June 21st, 2005

The Librarian

Government wars

Liberals Vow To Pass Same-Sex Bill
Bloc Wants Liberal Guarantee On Same-Sex Legislation

Meanwhile, outside of Parliament ...
A Woman May Fear, But A Man May Faint (this one gave me MAJOR league giggles, as my brain usefully combined it with yesterday's article about orgasm switching off the fear/stress parts of women's brains ... takes very little imagination to realize how easily dental visits could be made into something to look forward to ... ***grin***)
SARS Treatment Found
The Biting Grip of Crystal Meth

On the radio right now ...

Repeated warnings that a tornado has touched down near Lethbridge (where I used to live) and is heading east. No details as to which side of "near Lethbridge" this is happening, unfortunately, so can't tell whether the twister is heading toward the city or away from it. :-(

EDIT: Managed to track down the current weather warning online ... the tornado is west of Lethbridge, which means it could pass through the city.

EDIT TO THE EDIT (4:59 p.m. June 22): For those who don't want to sift through the comments ... the tornado passed the city, presumably to the north, judging from the towns that were added to the warning later in the evening ... no mention of damage, injuries or deaths in this morning's radio news)

The best thing ...

... about good friends, and indeed, a defining feature of good friends, is that they remember what you like and let you know if they find something neat related to it. Tonight the wonderful anotheranon alerted me to Rick Mercer's Blog ... he only posted his first entry yesterday and she somehow, miraculously, found it (BTW, I was so excited, I forgot to ask ... how DID you come across this treasure?). The Canadian edition of Evil Incarnate says he's going to try to post something everyday and he's off to a flying start today by setting up an annoying Conservative politico for some heavyduty Internet infamy ***grin***

If, somehow, there's somebody who's managed to be reading my LJ without learning who Rick Mercer is, check out his Monday Report page to learn more about the work of the man who is the leading reason that many Canadians pay attention to/think about what their politicians and government are up to. :-)

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