June 18th, 2005

The Librarian

In the news ...

Armstrong is no Superman (especially for intrepid cyclist buddies)
Barred From Performing at Pride Week
Gomery Inquiry Ends
Asian Plant Fights Malaria, Earns Cash for African Farmers
Big Women Undertreated for Cancer, Study Shows
Photo Gallery: Mission to Saturn

P.S. Please DO tell me if a link is refusing you access to an article ... I make a point of picking open-access stories, but sometimes I goof and grab a subscriber-only link without thinking (I can read 'em and the urge to share occasionally overrides the noticing of the little key symbol ***grin***. My subscription DOES include the ability to email subscriber stories, so I'll get it to you that way)


Am nine rows into pattern and it already looks like a 3-D sock toe tip! Am extremely and justifiably proud of myself, since I'm also trying to master knitting with what amounts to five little fondue skewers ***grin***. On the plus side, have yet to have an inactive needle dive out of my stitches (hurrah for non-slippery bamboo!) and haven't accidently stabbed any part of my anatomy either.

Lemony Snicket is providing wonderful to-knit-by listening on this cold, windy, rainy day
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