June 16th, 2005

The Librarian

The continuing saga of Canada Post and Amazon

Well, my note on the door was completely wasted ... I came home tonight to find my replacement parcel from Amazon sitting in the building entry where the mail boxes live, ON THE LEDGE WHERE TENANTS SPECIFICALLY PLACE MAIL ADDRESSED TO PEOPLE NO LONGER IN RESIDENCE SO THAT THE POST OFFICE CAN COLLECT AND REDIRECT/RETURN IT!!!!! (which means that the delivery twit never got as far as my door) I have, needless to say, just finished reporting THIS infraction to Canada Post as well (and that's likely what happened to the first one, since the day it was "delivered" was the ONE day that week that I didn't go down there to check my mail ... kinda glad to know it, since I hated the idea that one of my neighbours, or their visitors, was a thief).

Ah well, the important thing is that I have my loot: Keith Hartman's Congregations in Conflict, which I wanted to own because the research that went into it provided the background for Hartman's Gumshoe books, and: Zaftig, which I discovered accidently while Googlechecking my spelling for a post announcing an addition to my LJ Gallery ... couldn't recall at the time if the word was "zaftig" or "zoftig" (and learned that both spellings are correct, as well as finding the review of this book ... education IS fun!)
The Librarian

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Poor B. at work was having a horrible day ... in fact, she confided in me that it's been a horrible month. June IS nightmare month at ULS ... all the schools and their libraries closing for the summer and us trying to get as many books as possible cleared and shipped so that WE don't have to store them until September. And B. is the one-woman invoicing department ... all by her little lonesome ... the narrow end of the book funnel. :-( She started in that job a couple of weeks before I started working at ULS, so even though she'd been there a while in another position, we did a bit of new kid whimpering together back then. :p

I stopped by the yarn shop tonight and picked up a skein of Bravo Fun (looks ordinary red in the photo, but in RL is practically fluorescent, with a skinny thread of blues/greens/yellows twined 'round it). Gonna whip her up a cheerful little kitty that she can keep on her desk. She can talk to it (well, it looks better than talking to herself, no?), squash it, smack it, throw it at annoying people who keep bringing her more stuff to invoice, cuddle it, and generally transfer her frustrations to it and it won't complain or suffer (and maybe the colour will help her fool her cold hands into thinking it's making them warmer).

Also, while I was there, bought some sock yarn (in color #5483) ... it's the kind that's space-dyed to make nifty patterned stripes as you knit ... and a set of double-pointed bamboo needles, so now I'm committed to venturing into sock territory! As soon as I finish my two scarves-in-progress.

I shall keep you posted.
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